I love making things and I get a lot of joy creating with my hands. This will be an ongoing list of my creations and projects. If you’re interested in a project or item, reach out, I’d be happy to talk about them.


Something Belgian

Style: Belgian Pale Ale?

For Christmas 2017, I promised my sister I would make her a leather bag. Well, that didn’t end up happening. So, for Christmas 2018 (along with another present I gave her) I said I would make her something again, she could pick what it was. She decided on beer and told me the kinds of beer she likes. Armed with this knowledge I tried to make something that she would like. I didn’t follow any kind of style and went with my gut to produce, what I call, Something Belgian. It is a very balanced beer with a slight hop bitterness. The yeast character really shows through and overall, I’m very happy with the result. Now it’s time to see what my sister thinks….



The Vice Weisse

Style: Berliner Weisse

Accolades: Won second-place in the Berliner Weisse category of Short Finger Brewing Company’s Funks Competition in 2018.

This is one of my favourite beers I’ve made to date. It is only 3.4% but with high carbonation, a pleasant sourness and a nice doughy malt character it is refreshing and flavourful. It won a second-place award at the Funks homebrew competition and I was very happy with the result.

Super Fluffy Scarf

I made this scarf for my girlfriend for Christmas. She claims she’s the wrong amount of Portuguese to live in Canada so I thought I’d make her something to remedy that situation. This was the first knit project I completed and really enjoyed learning a new skill.


Messenger Bag

Material: Hand-Dyed Leather

This messenger bag was made at my time at the Waterloo Region Museum. I hand cut, dyed and burnished the leather before using traditional leather stitching techniques to hand stitch the entire bag. I was really happy with the result and created a very functional and attractive bag.

The Singing Saison

Style: Saison

Accolades: Won second-place in the Saison category of Short Finger Brewing Company’s Funks Competition in 2018.

This was my first attempt at a Saison. There are some things I would change were I to do it again, but overall it’s a good beer. Much to my surprise it won second place at a homebrew competition, something I was incredibly happy about. I still have lots to learn in my brewing but this felt like a step in the right direction.



Bottle Opener

Material: Mild Steel

One of the best things I learned to blacksmith during my time at the Waterloo Region Museum were bottle openers. This is one of probably forty I made throughout my term at the museum. Because it is made of mild steel, it is incredibly durable and opens bottles with almost no force. One of my favourite things is opening a beer I made with a bottle opener I also made.


Leather Purse/Camera Bag

Material: Hand-Dyed Leather

A creation of mine at the Waterloo Region Museum, this bag was given to my mom as a Christmas present. I really liked the light stitching on the dark leather; it allowed the beauty of the hand-stitching to really show.


Leather Bag

Material: Hand-Dyed Leather

This was the first leather bag I made while at the Waterloo Region Museum. I was quite happy with how it turned out and it taught me a lot about working with leather. It is what sparked my interest in the material and showed me how cathartic hand-stitching could be.


The S-hook is the first thing you learn how to blacksmith since it forces you to use all parts of the anvil. A traditional item useful for hanging things around a house this is the last one I made at the museum.